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Project Management

Services needed are unique to your business. This is an example of what we can do to help drive efficiency. If something you need is not listed, don't hesitate to ask.

Office Operations

​​​Provide managerial leadership that motivates people to perform their best work and develop new skills.

  • ​allocate available resources 

  • recruit and select office staff

  • coach and mentor office staff

  • manage internal staff relations

  • orientation and training of staff 

  • implement procedural changes 

​​​​​Identify areas that can benefit from improved sourcing, terms, and conditions.

  • ​review existing contracts for opportunities

  • prepare RFPs or bid proposals for contracted work

  • negotiate contract pricing, terms, and conditions

  • review potential suppliers and provide recommendations

  • manage supplier relationships 

Staffing & Training

Process Improvement

Contract Management

Define and manage scope, schedule, budget, quality, risks, communication and implementation of desired results.

  • lead planning and implementation
  • facilitate definition of scope, goals and deliverables
  • develop plans, schedule and timelines
  • assemble and coordinate project staff
  • manage budget and resource allocation
  • track and report on deliverables​
  • evaluate project outcomes for quality assurance

SOS will help you identify, define, and focus on your highest priorities and ensure your resources are appropriately aligned to achieve your business goals

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Whether you are in need of process improvement or staff support, our skills and expertise will support the unique needs of your business on many levels. We will review your office management practices, identifying business process improvements and resource/staffing recommendations. We will understand the changes you are trying to drive in your business and ensure the messaging and training is aligned to the correct audience. We will manage small to large projects, clarifying scope, managing risk, and driving the project schedule and resources to a quality conclusion. We will review contracts and purchasing agreements to ensure you are getting good value for your money and contract terms are favorable to your business. 

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​​Assess and streamline internal business processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

  • ​design and implement office systems

  • establish and monitor procedures for record keeping

  • design and implement office policies and procedures

  • analyze and monitor internal processes ​

Run daily operations, ensuring resources are aligned with priorities and objectives are being met.

  • ​co-ordinate office staff activities

  • set appointments and booking

  • prepare operational reports and schedules

  • handle customer inquiries and complaints 

  • maintain operational systems